REVIEW: The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Some souvenirs I bought!

Ever since I moved up here to Washington State, I been loving it. i love the weather, I love the environment, I love the people. I love exploring the mountains and the forests. As for entertainment, its a gaming mecca. PAX, gaming stores, restaurants, plenty of cons.

The one thing I always wanted to experience was a medieval renaissance faire. So when I ran a search to see if there was any, I discovered the Washington  Midsummer Renaissance Faire. It looked like a lot of fun, and there were themed weekends!

Shadow Remix and I decided to go opening weekend. Already we were amazed by how big the place was. It was held The Kelley Farm, just a mile or so from the main road. Parking was guided by local police, which is amazing since SOME places could use that (-COUGHMOUNTRAINIERMEMORIALDAYWEEKENDCOUGH-).

We lathered on the sunscreen, as we were still scheduled to have a nice smokey day (hello Canadian wildfires) with temps in the 80s. Getting inside the gate was stupid easy since we bought our tickets online and didn’t have to wait in line, and once in, we explored.

I had a chance to check out the many different booths that sold so many renaissance items, I swear you could buy your entire cosplay complete with weapons and accessories if you really had the money.

Getting fitted for sandals!

Alas, I have a modest job and so my bank account allowed for me to buy lunch and MAYBE one or two souvenirs,  BUT LUCKILY a majority of the booths had business cards. So I don’t have to wait all year to buy things from the faire. I collected as many business cards as I could. I SWEAR by next year I will dress up for the faire!

There was plenty of entertainment to be found too. Several stages set around the village had such acts like a comedian named Broon, The Sherwood Storytellers where Robin Hood and Maid Marian recruit kids from the audience to play out the story of Robin Hood. There were also blacksmiths where you could watch them work, camel rides, the BOOM Pirates giving demonstrations of how Privateers operated in days of Queen Elizabeth I, The washing wenches of the Wishing Well (I really need to go back and see them in action), pirate raids on the local taverns set up, archery, fencing lessons, siege weapons.

But most of all, the Tournament and jousting! Watching the tournament was amazing, seeing the knights on horses, the dames in ground combat, it was great!

One of the dames that fought in the tournament in England’s name. She’s so awesome!

The food was good too, but the lines were TERRIBLE. Even at 1 PM, I was standing to get a turkey leg, corn, and some soda. I was in line so long, that by the time I got out, the 2 PM tournament was starting.

Despite it being warm out, the tents provided plenty of shade, so other than the food line, I wasn’t in the sun TOO long. Thank goodness this is Washington, not Florida.

All in all, we had a great day, and I’m DEFINITELY planning on coming back in 2 weeks to check out the stuff and entertainment I missed.


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